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custom art skateboards

The mental, emotional, and connective creative process used for creating custom art skateboards is the same the artist practices in her work as a digital designer; creating brands out of vague ideas and communicated inclinations or feelings. 

The artist considers your concept (vague or specific) and other important predetermined design elements, like color scheme or images, and opens herself to become one with the concept. From there, the experience feels guided, where the artist is secondary to the life of the art and the skateboard revealing itself.

The thrill of skating and freedom of personal expression within it, the mind-altering experience of blasting through perceived mental and physical limitations, the satisfaction of landing that trick you've bloodied yourself over; skating a deck that reflects your passions, something you love, who you are, only serves to amplify the experience. A skateboard design conceived through creative expansion and inspired by you.


secret portfolio

The Scrapbook Journal project commenced in high school, an assignment for an art class. Taken by it, I continued work on it for a couple of years, using it as a mode of private expression of life events and feelings that came along with them in young adulthood. Included in this portfolio are among my favorite pages, which document experiences from around 2002-2005, ages sixteen to nineteen. These are all within a book on paper, utilizing graphite, photographs, watercolor, ink, and other elements. Read more about each one in its description by clicking on it.

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