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skateb⌀ard art inspired by y⌀u

The mental, emotional, and connective creative process used for creating custom art skateboards is the same the artist practiced in her work as a digital designer, creating brands out of vague ideas and communicated inclinations or feelings. 

The artist considers your concept (vague or specific) and other important predetermined design elements, like color scheme or images, and opens herself to become one with the concept. From there, the experience feels guided, where the artist is secondary to the life of the art and the deck revealing itself.

The thrill of skating and freedom of personal expression within it, the mind-altering experience of blasting through perceived mental and physical limitations, the satisfaction of landing that trick you've bloodied yourself over; skating a deck that reflects your passions, something you love, who you are, only serves to amplify the experience. A deck conceived through creative expansion and inspired by you.


Safety Dance...

Rogue Original prioritizes keeping things clean throughout the product creation process and in packaging items. Fumes from epoxy resin, a finish frequently used by the artist, necessitate a 3M mask for safety and nitrile gloves which are now used for extra safety measures when possible.

We are invigorated about promoting skateboarding, an activity that people can easily keep social-distance-safe, move their bodies, get outside, and experience the absolute thrill of skateboarding; and learning to skate.






Originally from a small New Jersey town, Stephanie Jasieniecki currently lives and gets creative in the Boston area. Starting out as a photographer in 2004, she learned the basics of Photoshop. A year later, she shifted direction into business management and teaching wellness practices, including meditation and breathwork, in an effort to find more meaning and connection overall. When an employer caught wind of her graphic design abilities, digital and print marketing designs were quickly added to her job description. Fifteen years later, she finds Photoshop comfortable and its capabilities endlessly inspiring.

Steph completed her first website design in 2015. That design, to her surprise, ended up being used by the web platform company she built it on, as the sample for their sales consultations. Websites are like a living, breathing, animated version of Photoshop to Steph, and she quite loves that element of web design.

In 2017 Steph was in a life-altering car accident. She had buried her passion for fine art and autonomously deemed it impractical, for more than a decade; but, at this time in 2017, she began painting and drawing again.


In 2019, she fell in love with an incredible human being named Jennifer. Jen loves skateboarding, is highly creative and intelligent, with vast knowledge of how things work, especially in the realm of technology. Jen delivers incredible feedback and galvanized ideas; possesses a uniquely creative eye and a knack for pointing Steph in an inspired direction. Jen is also a phenomenal website designer and photographer, specializing in the Squarespace platform for design and instant photography. She has even taken on the role of Steph's skateboarding teacher. Rogue Original would not be what it is without her.


Steph and Jen came up with the company name Rogue Original together, both having felt the need to go rogue in life at times. They agree that those rogue experiences, though not necessarily neat and clean, brought recognizable value to their lives in the long-run. Kind of like skateboarding; sometimes it's hard, you sweat and bleed and get bruised and even given stern talking-to's by rigid strangers. Progress however, feels illuminating, riveting, and expansive; making it 100% worth it.


In late 2019, Steph participated in her first art sale, selling five works of art; a giant leap from selling none: two skateboards, two works on canvas, and one commissioned custom art skate deck.


Life is too short to not do what you love. Rogue Original is attempting to live by that sentiment and hoping to find others going rogue along the way. Rogue Original looks forward to working with you and providing preposterously extraordinary art for sale.